Nepal is a landlocked country located between two giants, China and India, and lies on the laps of the
world’s finest set of pristine Himalayan ranges stretching from east to west on the northern face. The
southern parts are packed with diverse ecosystems and eye-catching flora and fauna thriving in the
emerald hills and plains of Terai. Although small in size, Nepal is not shy of offering an expansive range
of activities to be done in various parts of the country.
Trekking, however, remains the most sought-after adventurous activity by both frequent and new
travelers alike. Nepal is considered to be one of the best destinations in the world for trekking due to its
richness in the number of enthralling trekking trails that have the world’s tallest peaks included in them.
Adding to that, Nepal has a trekking trail for everyone. Catering to all age groups, each category of
trekkers can find the best-suited journeys for them. The variation in sceneries while on the trekking route
makes it open for even kids to enjoy the walks that entail these trips. With trekkers willing to take their
children on their journeys, numerous trails have been opened which are child-friendly and easy for them
to travel through.
If time is limited and returning to a hotel to rest is necessary, then short treks in the Shivapuri National
Park around Kathmandu and Australian Camp around Pokhara are the best options because they are not
too far from the city and provide excellent facilities for lodging and other services. If the treks can be
pushed a little further, Annapurna region and Everest region are the best bet, for they have the most
luxurious facilities including hotels like Everest Summit Lodge. They offer smaller routes as well like the
Poon Hill Trek or horse ride trek in Mustang.
Some tips that might be useful during travel and trekking in Nepal for Kids:

1. Choose trails according to your child’s capacity
Taking your kids with you might turn into an absolute hell if you don’t pay attention to the destination
you are choosing. Make sure to research about the length of the trekking route and the amount of time
required to reach the place while considering your child’s age and strength. Try to include fun areas like
rivers, waterfalls, caves, and so on to keep them occupied.
2. Allow children to explore their strengths
Take note of your kid’s capacity and try to stretch it a bit if possible, even if it is just 10 minutes. It allows
the children to grow and get adjusted to longer walks in the future. A guide can be handy at times like
this because they can suggest the perfect timing to get your kids actively participating to improve their
own records.

3. Pack carefully
Water is very essential and always needed more than expected. Extra snacks low on sugar and high on
energy like nuts, protein bars, and raisins are needed. A basic first aid kit can be helpful since most
trekking routes are through remote areas with limited health checkpoints. Pack clothes according to the
weather and put back up clothes, if necessary.

4. Checking weather and starting early
Do not hesitate to cancel your plans if the weather looks bad since it risks the safety of your children.
Most hikes in Nepal can be started early, especially in hot areas if you want to avoid the heat of the day.
Usually, glimpses of picture perfect and breathtaking scenes are seen during the early morning hours.
The morning air is comparatively very refreshing than at other times of the day as well.
5. Check in with your child regularly
Watch your kids carefully and make sure to slow down or take frequent stops if you see them being worn
down. Remember to communicate often. During longer treks in rural areas, horses or porters are
available to carry them.

6. Have fun along the way
Sometimes, just walking can bore the kids hence assign them duties like being the leader so that they
feel a sense of responsibility to stay focused and refrain from whining. Encourage them to find
landmarks, ask questions, spot animals on the way, or even observe new floras they come across. This
not only helps them to stay motivated but increases their inquisitiveness.
It takes some work to travel with your family than just by yourself, but in the end, time spent with your
loved ones is always time well spent, especially because creating wonderful memories with your family
might just be the soul cleansing you needed. Amongst the glory of the Himalayas lie several waterfalls
cascading each second without stopping and under the clear blue skies and rising sun lay several
astounding sceneries; experience everything with your children’s heart-warming presence.

Basu Panday

Basu Panday started his journey in tourism and hospitality as a support staff 17 years ago.

He has travelled all the Himalayan region as trekking staff and trekking guide, and have climbed 6000+ meters several trekking peaks in the Himalaya. He often leads trips in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India. He had travelled to many other countries such as Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Romania, Lithuania, Greece, Denmark Spain, Australia and the USA for promotion of Nepal’s tourism. 

After working as support staff, then tour and trek guide, he eventually fulfilled his desire to start his own company, Nepal Social Treks and Expedition, in 2006.

Basu is friendly and he is the one who answers most of your trip questions. So if you have any inquiry about our trip, don't be shy. Write to us.

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