But the earthquake has not taken away the beauty of the country. Nepal was beautiful and it still is. Nepal has much more to offer than those what has been taken by the earthquake. Besides this, Nepalese have joined their hands in rebuilding Nepal. With the aid from people from around the world and in co-ordination with the Government, reconstruction works have already begun. If the work continues in the same pace, then it won’t take long to reconstruct what we have lost.

During this difficult time, Nepal and its people need your support and motivation. One of the possible ways to help is to visit  Nepal and help the people in the reconstruction.

Let me give you 15 reasons why you should visit Nepal after the major earthquake.

  1. Only 10 districts out of 75 have been affected in the catastrophe. The districts in the East, Mid-West and Far-West of Nepal have not been hampered in any way.
  2. Only 2 out of 35 major trekking routes have been affected.
  3. Only three out of eight UNESCO world heritages have borne damages.
  4. Hospitals, Clinics are safe and are providing their service. At the same time, there is no danger of epidemic spread.
  5. The international and national airports are functioning well. The highways and subways have not undergone much damage.
  6. Communication system is working perfectly.
  7. Hotels in Nepal are safe and are ready to welcome guests with utmost hospitality.
  8. The world has seen the hospitality and good heart of Nepalese. This time you will get to witness their courage and see how they are doing the reconstruction. People of all age groups are working with their full effort in rebuilding their country. Nepalese need your motivation and support.
  9. It is best destination for adventure seekers to enjoy adventure sports like Bunjee Jumping, Rafting, Paragliding and many more. Visitors can also go mountain flight and enjoy the view of different mountains including the tallest mountain of the world the Mount Everest.
  10. Only one of the national parks has suffered some damage. So, why not visit Nepal to enjoy the wilderness of nature.
  11. Nepal is affordable as well. You will get the best value of your money.
  12. You surely would not want to miss the tasty local dishes.
  13. To see different festivals and know the cultural values of different communities. Visiting Nepal is also a great opportunity of witnessing the amazing religious harmony among the people of Nepal.
  14. Your contribution will be directly and indirectly used in rebuilding the country in different ways. The greatest source of revenue for this country is tourism.
  15. There is no greater service than volunteering for a noble cause.

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