Trekking in Nepal is one of the major activities that many people from entire world wants to do. Trekking in its real sense means the walking at the beautiful region like Nepal and passing various Mountain and George in mountainous country for enjoyment and exercise.

There are many beautiful places in Nepal where one can go for trekking. The trekking at the beautiful and high land of Nepal will enable the trekkers to view the glorious view of the high hills of Nepal covered with snow. Similarly, the trekking at the low lands in Nepal will enable us to enjoy the great view of the forest, local settlements filled with traditional culture. Along with the local settlements, we can also see the extinct animals and birds while trekking at Nepal.

Trekking in Nepal is easy for those people who have good habit in walking at the high lands but the same process will be very difficult for those people who don’t have walking habit and skills. At some trekking region in Nepal, the trekkers need to acclimatize themselves with the surroundings otherwise it may create problem in the trekking phenomenon. Nepal is the best destination not only for aged people but also children, disable people, separate and marginalized people from the world.