All around the world, Nepal is primarily known for its geographical and cultural diversity. The rugged topography consists of numerous mountains, forests, rivers, and lakes. The country meets the demands of all its tourists by fulfilling their expectations of the adventures they seek. Nepal is the perfect destination to spend your holidays as it fits all your pickings, be it adventurous or relaxing. Every year thousands of tourists visit Nepal and a large population of those tourists goes for trekking on the exotic trails of the Himalayas, traversing through the jungles and conservation parks along with cultural heritage sites. Whilst experiencing the thrills of the adventure, they get to learn about the culture and history at the same time and price.

Nepal is the first nation on the lips of the climbers, trekkers, and adventurers when it comes to high mountains. It has eight of the highest mountains in the world and many more peaks that are just as amazing to view or climb. There are numerous trails here, where one can trek and simultaneously encounter the beauty of nature amidst the lush green forests and the magnificent mountains. Popular and budget-friendly trekking destinations in Nepal include Everest Base CampAnnapurna Base CampLangtang Valley, and so on. These treks take you to the foot of the high mountains whilst offering you amazing views of the valleys and lush hills.

Apart from trekking, there are various adventurous activities that you can get engaged in. You will find paragliding, zip lining, rafting, bungee jumping, and many more adventure activities around the various parts of Nepal. You can also choose to go on aerial trips to different parts of Nepal Himalayas. The growing adventure industry in Nepal is also easy on the pocket, relative to other destinations in the world.  And if you aren’t looking for many adventures, you can simply tour the cities visiting the cultural heritage sites and other attractions. You can find more than three thousand temples in the Kathmandu valley alone. If you go exploring in other cities, you will be able to find one that parallels their culture and even their geography.

Speaking of cultural diversity, everywhere you plan to visit, you will come across people of different ethnic background. Each ethnicity has its own unique culture, dialect, and cuisine. When you come across these communities, you will get a gist of their lifestyle and also get to learn various things about their cultures. You will learn about the religion they follow, the different languages they speak, their authentic cuisine, the rituals they perform, and also if you’re lucky, you will be able to participate in the festivals they celebrate. The rich history and cultural heritage of Nepal is one of a kind, so when you visit Nepal, you automatically learn a lot of new things. Nepalese are also known to give great hospitality and you will receive friendly and generous reception everywhere you go to Nepal. No matter what ethnicity the locals belong to, the outstanding hospitality and kindness will warm your hearts. If you love to help, you can also be part of tours where you can give back to the community with sustainable tourism practices.

Traveling to Nepal is hassle-free because unlike many other countries, getting a visa to visit Nepal is really easy. You can either apply for a visa at the nearest Nepalese embassy or just receive one at Tribhuvan International Airport upon arrival. For someone traveling by land, the Nepalese visa can be acquired at any checkpoints bordering Nepal-India and Nepal-China. You can also find a lot of information about many of the major places in Nepal, so you can easily plan your trip. You will easily find hotels and travel packages that suit various budgets, and you can travel to Nepal even if you have a low budget.

With pleasant weather and many travel options, Nepal is undoubtedly a traveler’s paradise, and for globe-trotters on the budget, it is even better. Taste authentic food, meet friendly people, learn about fascinating history, raft with raging rivers, walk through verdant forests, and gaze at the high Himalayas in a budget-friendly time friendly manner, only in Nepal. The Himalayan country waits to serve you its best.

Basu Panday

Basu Panday started his journey in tourism and hospitality as a support staff 17 years ago.

He has travelled all the Himalayan region as trekking staff and trekking guide, and have climbed 6000+ meters several trekking peaks in the Himalaya. He often leads trips in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India. He had travelled to many other countries such as Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Romania, Lithuania, Greece, Denmark Spain, Australia and the USA for promotion of Nepal’s tourism. 

After working as support staff, then tour and trek guide, he eventually fulfilled his desire to start his own company, Nepal Social Treks and Expedition, in 2006.

Basu is friendly and he is the one who answers most of your trip questions. So if you have any inquiry about our trip, don't be shy. Write to us.

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