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Bhutan, a purely Buddhist Himalayan Kingdom is unsurpassed in its scenic majesty and vibrant culture. Bhutan has diversified geography with plains as well as mountains and some peaks exceed 7000 m. The mist covered Himalayas give rise to turquoise lakes and crystal rivers which blooms the shades downstream and thriving forests.

Bhutan is also a place of ancient monasteries surrounded by prayer flags that flutter atop hills, cliffs and across rivers, where people still find solace in the chimes of prayer wheels, thrill in the legends of deities riding celestial tigresses, revere the majestic snow-clad peaks that is home to many elusive and endangered animals of the world and where national parks have been created for yetis, despite the lack of evidence that these mythical creatures even exist.

Welcome to the ‘land of the thunder dragon,’ Druk Yul !!

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Bhutan a Buddhist Himalayan Kingdom is unparalleled in its majestic scenic beauty and in thenbspelegance of its culture The dazzling country share