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Tihar- The Festival of Lights

Nepal Social Admin | 20th Aug, 2015

The Himalayan country Nepal is very rich in customs and traditions. Nepalese celebrate various festivals. The people belonging to different communities and following different religions, live in peace and harmony and celebrate festivals of their own and other religions and communities as well. 

One of the major festivals of Nepalese is Tihar. This festival is celebrated for 5 days and is also called Yama Panchak "यम पंचक " ,meaning celebrated for 5 days. 

1. Kaag/ Crow Tihar (काग तिहार)

On the first day of the Yama Panchak, crows are worshipped. In Hinduism, the cawing of crows is believed to syombilize sorrow and to protect their houses from misery and sadness, people offer various dishes to crows.


2. Dog Tihar (कुकुर तिहार)

The second day is Kukur Tihar in which dogs which are believed to be messengers of Lord Yamaraj are worshipped. People offer dogs garlands and delicious dishes. This day is also celebrated to acknowledge the wonderful bonding between dogs and humans. 

3. Laxmi Puja ( लक्ष्मी  पूजा) and Cow (Gai) Tihar

On the third day of Tihar, Cows are worshipped by offering garlands and fresh grass. This day is celebrated to show homage to cows as cows have benefitted humans in many ways by giving milk and their urine and dung also used for purifictaion purpose and for manure in the field. There is also a belief among the hindus, they wear a sacred thread (doro; डोरो) on their wrists on the day of Janai Purnima and if they can preserve it on their wrists until Gai Tihar, they tie the thread on the tail of cows and by doing this, people are believed to be forgiven for all the sins till that time of thier life. 

In the evening, people show their reverence to Goddess Laxmi for the prosperity in their house. They light candles and decorate their homes with marigold flowers and different lights. People also cook delicious and special sweets on this day and offer to Goddess Laxmi. The girls sing and dance and visit the house of their neighbours and play Bhailo (भैलो). 


4. Govardhan Puja (गोवरदन पूजा) or Goru Tihar

On the fourth day, Gorus (oxen) are worshipped. In the evening, Goddess Laxmi is worshipped like on the day of Laxmi Puja. The boys sing and dance and visit the house of their neighbours and play Deusi. 

5. Bhai Tika (भाई टिका )

The last day of Yama Panchak, the females worship their brothers. It is believed that, even the Lord of death cannot take the life of brothers who receive the saptarangi tika (seven colors tika) from their sisters on this day. Sisters offer garland of Makhamali (Chrysanthemum) to their brothers and pray for their long life. Those who don't have their own brother and sister also receive tika from their relatives. Also, theire is a custom, the ones who don't have siblings to to Ranipokhari and visit the temple there. At Ranipokhari, some people establish the relation of brother and sister and receive tika. 



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  • Mark Sep 15th, 2015 at 7:45 am

    Great article to know about Tihar !!

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