Lumbini Tour

The land where Buddhism first sprouted its wings with Lord Buddha himself; Lumbini is a site filled with intriguing monuments and ancient history. Lumbini is the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, and this is where he spent his early years as a prince. After leaving the royal palace to obtain enlightenment, he spent years to achieve his aspirations. Lumbini offers its travelers to explore sites of historical and architectural importance. From Mayadevi Pond and Ashoka Pillar to the divine Bodhi Tree and World Peace Pagoda, Lumbini is also the home to numerous arts, artifacts, and scriptures related to Buddhism and its origin. Monasteries influenced with architecture from nations like Cambodia, Thailand, Korea, China, and Myanmar are also prime for tours. The Lumbini Museum and Tilaurakot also provide insights upon the life of Buddha. Such an abundance of heritage has led Lumbini to be one of the ten UNESCO world heritage sites in the country. Explore the stories of Buddha and relish in the historical offerings of this enriched land.

Jungle Safari

Wildlife Jungle safari is one of the exciting things you don’t want to miss while traveling in Nepal. In Chitwan National Park, the remarkable array of flora and fauna within the dense forests make for a fantastic trip. Asian one horn rhinoceroses, Royal Bengal Tiger, and Gharials are some of the exotic wildlife in the national park. You can also enjoy the elephant ride and the elephant bath. Shuklaphanta and Bardiya National Park are few other destinations that have their own unique features and wildlife in the jungle safari. This national park supports a wide range of biodiversity, including tigers, crocodile, and swamp deer. Aside from jungle safari, the destinations of your travel also exhibit incredible cultural insight into the lives of the indigenous societies living in those regions.

Cultural Sites and Festivals

Sightseeing and tours are the most predominant sector in Nepalese tourism after adventure activities. Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Lumbini are the sites which have remarkable shows of both natural and cultural splendor. Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, is a massive collection of Buddhist art, architecture, scriptures, and monuments. Soaking into the divine aura of the Maya Devi Temple is also an amazing experience. The various monasteries reflecting the architectural heritage of different nations are an excellent opportunity to witness the cultural harmony among different countries as well. Similarly, Kathmandu and Pokhara are other sites having major cultural influence in the country. The Buddhist and Hindu tolerance in these cities is simply magnificent with plenty of sites inclined to both religions. Besides these, Upper Mustang, Tengboche, and Pathivara are a few other cultural sites around the country. Dashain and Tihar are the major festivals in the country and many others like Holi, Lhosar, Udhauli, Ubhauli, and Bisket Jatra are also of the great treat to the tourists to witness the zest and zeal during the festivities.

Yoga Tour

In addition to the regular sightseeing and adventure tours, Nepal gives you great pleasure in experiencing yoga tour. This is one of the most beneficial travel packages as the tour involves and motivates you in activities that are beneficial to your mind and body. This tour also introduces sessions to discuss the impurities in one’s body and ways to strengthen and improve the overall operation of the mind and body. The yoga tour in Nepal is completely different and unique because you will be in the shadows of the splendid Himalayan panorama to further set the tone for yoga and related activities. Some of the best yoga treks in Nepal are Everest Yoga Trek, Nepal Yoga Trek, and Annapurna Circuit Yoga Trek to name a few. With plenty of scenic delights and brief sessions of yoga, you will also have time to enjoy the solitude around you and understand yourself better.

Nepal Luxury Tour

Luxury tours are rather lavish when considering the services that are available on regular trips. These tours offer the best of the accommodation, transportation, and other services. They are for individuals who intend to explore Nepal with a touch of modern amenities as well. The majority of these tours revolve around cities and modern areas of the country including Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini, Nagarkot, and Bandipur to name a few. These tours explore the cultural ambiance of the country under the scrutiny of nature’s embrace. With many ethnic settlements and cultures residing in those areas, the luxury tours prioritize excellent experiences for the travelers while making sure that the services that they receive during the length of the trip are always the finest.

Nepal is one of the world’s best destinations for people all over the world. Adventures here are as diverse as people themselves. There’s always a new adventure waiting for you every day. Every place and everyone has their own story to tell and listening to those stories is worth the time. A plethora of opportunities, loads of memories, and ecstasy awaits you in Nepal. The time and choice are yours!

Basu Panday

Basu Panday started his journey in tourism and hospitality as a support staff 17 years ago.

He has travelled all the Himalayan region as trekking staff and trekking guide, and have climbed 6000+ meters several trekking peaks in the Himalaya. He often leads trips in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India. He had travelled to many other countries such as Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Romania, Lithuania, Greece, Denmark Spain, Australia and the USA for promotion of Nepal’s tourism. 

After working as support staff, then tour and trek guide, he eventually fulfilled his desire to start his own company, Nepal Social Treks and Expedition, in 2006.

Basu is friendly and he is the one who answers most of your trip questions. So if you have any inquiry about our trip, don't be shy. Write to us.

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